About the system

MPF Payadol - Enterprise Version is a human resources system tailor- made for medium and large size companies.  The System is developed by Progressive Technology Limited who is specialized in developing Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) administration and related software systems.

Features of the System

1. Record keeping

The system maintains detailed records of the employer.  Personal information, human resources data and detail payroll records of the employees are also kept in the system.

2. MPF compliant

The system automatically calculates the MPF contributions and surcharge according to MPF Ordinance and regulations.  It directly interfaces with MPF-Pro System, an MPF administration system developed by Progressive Technology Ltd. and it is being used by a number of MPF Trustees in Hong Kong.  Employee details and MPF contributions can be transferred electronically to MPF-Pro, which is fast, efficient and accurate.  It also interfaces with any other MPF administration system.

3. ORSO features

The system allows multiple schemes for both ORSO and MPF.  For ORSO features, the user can define a contribution percentage for relevant income or basic income in excess of the maximum MPF relevant income.

4. Comprehensive payroll calculation features

The System provides comprehensive payroll calculation features.  For example, maternity leave is calculated based on the latest employment regulation requirement and no pay leave can be calculated based on the formula defined by the users.

5. Import and export functions

The System can import worksheet such as Microsoft Excel for payroll input and can also export payroll and human resources data to Microsoft Excel for data analysis.

6. Comprehensive Reporting

A set of more than 20 useful reports are available for the employer. They include detailed payroll reports, contribution summary, employee pay slip, employee data list, employee addition and termination report, cost centre/department payroll costs allocation and training information report, etc.

7. Annual tax filing with Inland Revenue Department (IRD)

The System can generate annual tax return (IR56B) for filing with the IRD in both hard copy and soft copy format.  Moreover, IRD forms for employee (IR56E, IR56F and IR56G) can also be produced by the System.

8. Direct interface to bank's auto-pay system

The System allows you to arrange auto-pay of staff salaries to their bank accounts as well as MPF Trustee.  An uploading function allows you to create an auto-pay diskette for your bank.  The System supports many major bank's auto-pay interface.

9. MPF Payadol - Enterprise version is bilingual

The System supports both Chinese and English.  The user can switch to his/her desired language at any point of time.

10. Security

The System provides full system security including user logon control and history, password encryption and control, functions restricted from unauthorized access and user master file maintenance.

11. Multi-user access

It allows multi-users access to the system for different users.

12. Miscellaneous functions

It can handle employee leave records, training records and long service payment inquiry.


After sales support

At a minimal cost, users can participate in the following support services:-

1. Training

Regular training regarding the use of the System, new features available and change in MPF regulations will be arranged for the users.

2. Hot-line support service

Users can pay an annual maintenance fee and subscribe to the hot-line services.  On-site assistance is also available.Please refer to hotline service for further information.

3. System upgrade

In case if there is any change in the MPF legislation, users can purchase the upgraded version at a discount.

As MPF Payadol - Enterprise version is a side-product of MPF-Pro, therefore it is also supported by our MPF-Pro technical support team. Our strong local support of MPF-Pro guarantees the same level support in MPF Payadol.

Product Package

Each MPF Payadol - Enterprise version kit contains a CD-ROM and a floppy diskette.  The CD-ROM contains the MPF Payadol - Enterprise version executable program files and the floppy diskette contains the MPF plan information which will be used for contribution calculation. The installation and user guide will be stored in the CD-ROM as soft copy and can be printed by the user if needed.

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