MPF Adapter

About the system

MPF Adapter is a MPF contribution calculator tailor-made for medium and large size companies. The system is developed by Progressive Technology Ltd. who is an e-mpf software house specialized in developing Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) administration and related software systems.

The system allows the users to continue to use their existing payroll systems but yet can fulfill MPF Ordinance requirements in MPF contribution and surcharge calculation. MPF Adapter imports employee relevant income, calculate MPF contribution and export the contribution back to the payroll system.

There are many advantages in using MPF Adapter. First of all, you do not need to purchase a new human resource application and convert your existing data into the new system. In addition, you do not need to get use to the new features, operation flow and report layout of the new system. MPF contributions can be exported from MPF Adapter and the amount can be deducted from your existing system as deductions.

The system is already purchased by a number of large corporations where company size ranges from 500 to over 3,000 employees. Please refer to our client list for reference.

Features of MPF Adapter

1. Interfacing function

The system downloads data from a client's existing payroll system, read provident fund plan details from the administrator diskette and calculates provident fund contributions for each employee. After the provident fund contribution is calculated, such data is uploaded back to the client's existing payroll system for payroll deductions.

2. MPF compliant

The system automatically calculates the MPF contributions and surcharge according to MPF Ordinance and regulations. It directly interfaces with MPF-Pro System, an MPF administration system developed by Progressive and it is being used by a number of major MPF Trustees in Hong Kong. Employee details and MPF contributions can be transferred electronically to MPF-Pro, which is fast, efficient and accurate. It also interfaces with any other MPF administration system.

3. Comprehensive Reporting

A set of more than 10 useful reports are available for the employer. They include Detailed Payroll Reports, Provident Contribution Summary, Employee Pay Slip, Employee Data List, Employee Addition and Termination Report.

4. MPF Adapter is bilingual

The system supports both Chinese and English. The user can switch to his/her desired language at any point of time.

After sales support

At a minimal cost, users can participate in the following support services:-

1. Training

Regular training regarding the use of the System, new features available and change in MPF regulations will be arranged for the users.

2. Hot-line support service

Users can pay an annual maintenance fee and subscribe to the hot-line services. On-site assistance is also available. Please refer to hotline service for further information.

3. System upgrade

In case if there is any change in the MPF legislation, users can purchase the upgraded version.

As MPF Adapter is a side-product of MPF-Pro (MPF Administration System), it is also supported by our MPF-Pro technical support team. Our strong local support of MPF-Pro guarantees the same level support in MPF Adapter.

Product Pricing

MPF Adapter is charged based on the total number of employees in your Company. The list price is based on the assumption that the client will follow MPF Adapter's standard export and import file format. If there is any customization required by the client for specific interface to their existing payroll system, it will be charged on a time and material basis.

Product Package

Each MPF Adapter software kit contains a CD-ROM and a floppy diskette. The CD-ROM contains the MPF Adapter executable program files and the floppy diskette contains the MPF plan information which will be used for contribution calculation. The installation and user guide will be stored in the CD-ROM as soft copy and can be printed by the user if needed.

System Requirements

The system is a single user application and it can be run on a Pentium PC of 166Mhz or above, 32M+ RAM, running on Windows 95, Window NT or above.

Function List

The MPF Adapter basic package covers the following functions:

1. Master File Maintenance

Master File Maintenance maintains master file details and properties that are defined by the user including Provident Fund Maintenance.

2. Employer Maintenance

This maintenance keeps track of all employer details including address, telephone, etc. The employer also defines the pay cycle including monthly, bi-monthly, weekly and fortnightly, in Payroll Option. The pay cycle is used to calculate MPF mandatory and voluntary contributions.

3. Employee Maintenance

3.1 Employee Personal Information

Personal Information shows employee personal, payroll, bank account information, mandatory and voluntary plan information and history, and termination details.

3.2 Payroll and Contribution History

On-line history of payroll and contribution data for both mandatory and voluntary contributions.

3.3 Long service and severance payment enquiry

Estimated long service and severance payment liability for individual employee or for the whole company.

4 Contribution processing

4.1 Calculate MPF contributions after capturing basic and relevant income, irregular income, irregular voluntary contributions and termination data.

4.2 The system can also calculate MPF surcharge for late contributions.

4.3 Voluntary contribution amount calculated by the system can be adjusted manually according to user requirements.

4.4 Calculate voluntary contribution provision amount for accounting purpose.

4.5 Calculate contribution amount for back date payment paid to terminated employees.

5 Income type conversion

Convert different income types of your payroll system into total relevant income for MPF contribution calculations.

6 Import and export data

Import employee information, income data, irregular income data, termination data and export contribution data to the user's existing payroll system.

7 Reporting

Audit Trial Report for Employee and payroll data change
Detailed Payroll Report (details and summary)
Net Pay Summary
Employee Pay Slip to individual employee
Employee Pay Slip for irregular income to individual employee
Irregular Income Pay Summary
Employee Addition and Termination Report
Employee Data List
Long Service Payment and Severance Payment Liability Report
Provident Fund Contribution Summary
Integrity report for import data

8 Year end function

Download annual public holiday for surcharge calculation.

9 Security and audit trial function

Maintain record change for employee and payroll data. The system also has full user logon function for security control.

10 Help function

Help contents and index, on-line help function and hotline support service information

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