MPF IS.Payadol

About the IS.Payadol

MPF IS.Payadol is a MPF payroll system tailor-made for Industry Scheme (IS) casual employees. The system is developed by Progressive Technology Ltd. (PTL) who is an e-mpf software house specialized in developing Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) administration and related software systems. The unique nature of casual employees is their high mobility and irregular payment pattern including daily pay and periodic pay. As an employer for Industry Scheme, you have two choices to submit MPF contributions for casual employees. The first choice is to submit MPF contributions on the same day and the contribution is calculated based on a fixed scale table, the second choice is to submit MPF contribution after a covering period and the contribution is calculated based on 5% of the relevant income.

Our IS.Payadol will solve all your payroll problems by providing you with a full casual employee payroll and contribution calculation functions, generating contribution receipts and providing direct interface to your IS Trustee's Provident Fund Administration System - MPF-Pro.

MPF-Pro is the only IS Provident Fund Administration System in Hong Kong developed by PTL.

Features of the IS.Payadol

1. MPF compliant

The system automatically calculates the MPF contributions for IS casual employees according to MPF Ordinance and regulations. It directly interfaces with MPF-Pro System developed by PTL, the only administration system being used by IS service providers in Hong Kong. Employee's MPF contributions can be transferred electronically to MPF-Pro, which is fast, efficient and accurate.

2. A system that understands your operation flow

You only need to input the HKID or MPFA Account Number for casual employee MPF contribution processing. The system can provide a Contribution Receipt to your casual employee for record keeping after collecting the net pay. The system also supports different payroll nature including daily pay and periodic pay and allows you to print a consolidated report for different outlets.

To fulfill your other statutory requirements, the system also helps you to keep track of your casual employees working hours to ensure the 4-18 compliance is met in accordance with the Employment Ordinance. In addition, it can also generate causal employee's IR56B or IR56M for income tax reporting purposes.

3. MPF IS.Payadol is bilingual

The system supports both Chinese and English. The user can switch to his/her desired language at any point of time.

Main Functions of IS.Payadol

  1. Master File Maintenance including Company Structure Maintenance for head office reporting, Provident Fund Master Maintenance and Pay method Maintenance
  2. Employer Maintenance function
  3. Payroll and contribution processing for daily contribution calculation and print IS MPF Contribution Receipt
  4. Head office consolidation function by extracting files from subsidiary companies and consolidated daily contribution data
  5. Reporting function includes IR56B and IR56M tax form, Daily Pay Summary / Remittance Statement and Consolidated Daily Pay Summary
  6. Upload auto-pay payroll and contribution payment to bank and upload contribution details to trustee
  7. Full user function logon function for security control
  8. Export function of employee and salary data to Excel worksheet for data analysis
  9. Generate 4-18 regulation compliance report
  10. Generate casual employee requisition form for management approval

Client base

IS. Payadol is used by most of the major hotels in Hong Kong and the following is our strong client base:

  1. Conrad International Hong Kong
  2. City Garden Hotel
  3. Eaton Hotel
  4. Gold Coast Hotel
  5. Gold Coast Yacht Club
  6. Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
  7. Grand Stanford Hotel
  8. Great Eagle Hotel
  9. Harbour Plaza Hotel Group
  10. Holiday Inn Hong Kong
  11. Hotel Inter-Continential Hong Kong
  12. Island Pacific Hotel Hong Kong
  13. JW Marriott Hong Kong
  14. Marco Polo Hotel Group
  15. Royal Plaza Hotel Group
  16. Royal Park Hotel
  17. The Prince Hotel
  18. The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong
  19. The Royal Pacific Hotel
  20. The Royal Garden Hotel
  21. The Sheraton Hong Kong

As MPF IS.Payadol is a one of the MPF related systems developed by Progressive Technology Ltd. Our strong local support of MPF-Pro guarantees the same level support in MPF IS.Payadol.

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