Change Control System

About the system

The main objective of the Change Control System is to maintain version control for system development. It can record user requests of system changes and to keep track of consistency of program changes for programmers, the system also gives useful reports such as version release report and outstanding request report for user and management reference.

Major features of Change Control System

  • Maintain problem log for bug fixing and enhancement request submitted by users
  • Allow management to assign problem log and enhancement request to programmers
  • For better control of system development and maintenance, you can define the program directory where the development, user acceptance and production environment is located
  • Process program transfer after development and maintenance work is completed
  • Allow user to perform inquiry on submitted requests
  • Generate version release report showing problem logs and enhancement request that are released
  • Generate outstanding report for user and management to monitor the development progress
  • Generate costing report for management to monitor cost control
  • Other features also include master file maintenance and password maintenance for security control
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