In the midst of increasing competition in today's retail industry, an effective retail management system is an essential ingredient for continued success and sustained company growth. The key areas of benefit are:

  • enhanced company image
  • improved customer service
  • lower operating costs
  • increased efficiency
  • tighter controls
  • availability of information for management

PROGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY has designed and developed an on-line, fully integrated Point of sales, trading and retail system. We strongly believe that a modern computer system is a must for a successful retail business to ensure that the operation, manpower resources and inventory are under control in order to increase profit margin and at the same time, provide the management with timely and accurate information to make important decisions and react fast to new opportunities.

SIRS - Pro consists of the following major modules:

  • Point of Sales
  • Inventory
  • Purchase Order
  • Marketing
  • Buying
  • E-mail

SIRS V Pro is a windows-based system designed using the latest object-oriented development methodology and it provides extremely user-friendly graphical user interface for screen operation. It is designed to run an open system and will run on a variety of hardware, including any UNIX system, PC-LAN or stand-alone PC. It also accepts data in both English and Chinese and screens can readily be converted into Chinese or any other language using the PROGRESS Translation Manager.

Function List of SIRS - Pro

Point of Sales

  1. Normal Sales
  2. Price Adjustment
  3. Discount handling
  4. Deposit Sales
  5. Print sales memo
  6. Suspend and activate a sales transaction
  7. Sales error handling
  8. VIP database maintenance
  9. Counter and Consignment sales
  10. Staff Purchase
  11. Gift Voucher database maintenance
  12. Refund and Exchange
    • Refund with or without sales memo
    • Cash refund
    • Cheque refund
    • GEC (Goods exchange coupon)
    • Credit Card refund
    • Goods exchange with or without sales memo
    • Print refund / exchange memo
  13. Goods delivery
    • Stock at Warehouse
    • Stock in own store, delivered by Warehouse
    • Stock in another store Warehouse
  14. Void transaction
    • Sales
    • Deposit
  15. Marketing Information update
  16. Day end own goods sales report
  17. Day end counter goods sales report
  18. Sales order Inquiry
  19. Sales performance analysis

Other retail management functions

  1. Purchase Order
    • Supplier maintenance
    • PO requisition with electronic authorisation
    • Multi-currency handling
    • Pre-define VIP discount
    • Supplier volume discount
    • Control price / mark up price handling
    • LC and PO settlement
  2. Shipment Tracking
    • Forwarder/Agency maintenance
    • Freight information handling
    • Other charges handling
  3. Inventory
    • Pre-costing
    • Just-in-time replenishment
    • On-line stock take variance report
    • Back order handling
    • Comprehensive stock status (8 status)
  4. Warehouse / Store
    • Handle bulk, detailed, quick goods receipt
    • Handle long/short ship and missing items
    • Damage goods and claim processing
    • Plan delivery
    • Handle refund/exchange collection
  5. OTB
    • Provide committed sales
    • Provide budget vs. purchase
    • Monitor OTB information
  6. Buying
    • Use digital camera
    • Monitor sales budget vs. purchase
    • Provide sales and price history
    • PO input
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