MPF-Pro is a provident fund administration system designed to handle the requirements of Hong Kong based provident funds. It handles existing Occupational Retirement Scheme Ordinance (ORSO) schemes and it is tailor-made to handle the requirements of Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) as set out in the Mandatory Provident Fund Ordinance of the Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

MPF-Pro has been live running for 3 years now. Its overwhelmingly successful implementation and continuously enrichment in its functionalities, making MPF-Pro one of the best provident fund systems in the region. In order to take MPF-Pro a step forward to become an international system, Progressive has added the multi-lingual capability to it. This multi-lingual capability allows MPF-Pro to help you in expanding your provident fund business worldwide. Please click here to find out more about our multi-lingual MPF-Pro and Chinese MPF-Pro.

A) Major Pension Fund Processing Features of MPF-Pro

The functions of MPF-Pro cover a complete provident fund administration process and it can be divided into the following major areas:
    1. Proposal creation
    2. Scheme creation
    3. Member creation
    4. Transaction processing
      • Contribution input
      • Withdrawal and benefit transfer processing
      • Fund switching
      • Anniversary processing
    5. Fund management
    6. Day end processing
    7. Comprehensive reporting
    8. On-line inquiry
B) HKSAR's MPF Requirements in MPF-Pro
MPF-Pro is tailor-made in meeting the requirements as set out in the Mandatory Provident Fund Ordinance of the Government of HKSAR. Besides a complete process for provident fund administration, MPF-Pro offers special features to handle the following:
    1. Master Trust
    2. Self Employed
    3. Industry Scheme
    4. Capital Preservation Fund
    5. Surcharge on late payment
    6. Minimum preservation rule handling
    7. Portability for benefit transfer
    8. Unit transfer
    9. Withdrawal pending
    10. Contribution reminder
    11. Unclaimed benefit
    12. Preserved account
    13. Efficient transaction processing features
      • Plan template creation
      • Speedy scheme and member creation
      • Speedy contribution update
      • Speedy update of contribution preference for self employed scheme
C) A parameter driven system
    All MPF regulations are stored as parameters in the system. Each regulation has its own rule description, specific scheme type that the regulation is applied to, effective date and value of the regulation. If there is any changes in the effective date and value of the rules, they can be updated by the user.
D) Security features
    MPF-Pro provides full system security including user logon control and history, password encryption and control, functions restricted from unauthorized access and user master file maintenance.
E) Technical background
    MPF-Pro is a windows-based, client server application designed by using the latest object-oriented development methodology the PROGRESS version 8 development tool and database engine. It accepts data in English and any double byte language (including Chinese). PROGRESS supports different databases including ORACLE and RPG through its native database server. MPF-Pro is designed to run on open systems and will run on a variety of platforms including any UNIX system, AS400, NT, PC-LAN or stand-alone PC.
F) Interfacing capability
MPF-Pro interfaces to accounting system, fund management system, cheque writing system, payroll system and the MPFA's monitoring system.
G) Comprehensive reporting
There are over 300 reports in MPF-Pro to meet your operation, statutory and management requirements.
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