AT-ease Translator

About the At-ease Translator

Progressive has computerized the whole MPF administration system translation process. An AI (artificial intelligent) translator has been developed to aid the whole translation process. The name of this new software is AT-ease.

AT-ease stands for All Round Translation at ease. It allows users to maintain a master glossary of all MPF related terms. By pressing one button, a term can be replaced by a better term at any stage of the translation, and all related phrases will be updated automatically.

Major features of AT-ease Translator

  • It can translate your MPF administration system from one language to any other languages.
  • The import and export capability allows you to extract phrases to be translated to the glossary master and to import translated phrases back to your system.
  • The system provides a centralized glossary master for user to store MPF terms in any language for translation use.
  • The system helps the user to do a first line AI (artificial intelligence) translation, then followed by user's manual adjustment and approval.
  • By pressing one button, user can easily change any translated terms to a new term. All occurrences of such term in the system will be replaced.
  • It keeps track of the translation progress by providing work in progress information of the translation project.
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