Invitation For The " MPF Payadol" System Telephone Support Services


Dear Customer,

Thank you for your subscription of ¡§MPF Payadol¡¨ which is developed by Progressive Technology Limited (PTL). We are pleased to invite you to our telephone hotline support services at a cost of HK$780.00 per annum.


Telephone hotline support services

Joining the service, you will obtain:

  • direct telephone support from the software vendor
  • fast response to any questions regarding the use of the software
  • regular newsletters covering MPF payroll related matters, MPF contribution calculation, tips for using MPF Payadol¡K etc.
  • a substantial discount of 50% for attending our ¡§MPF Payadol¡¨ user training course.


Additional services provided by PTL

To ensure total user satisfaction, we also provide you with on-site problem solving service (at an hourly rate of HK$500), user training course and MPF seminar to keep you inform of the impact of the MPF implementation and future legislation change.

If you are interested in our hotline support services, please complete and return the services agreement together with your cheque payable to Progressive Technology Limited. Official receipt will be issued after payment is received.

PTL will provide the services subject to the terms and conditions as stated above.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


Progressive Technology Limited

MPF Payadol Hotline Support Centre Manager


Progressive Technology Limited

MPF Payadol Hotline Support Centre

Fax no ¡V 28710817

Tel. no ¡V 25041123

From ¡@
Company Name: ¡@
Company Address: ¡@



Telephone No.: ¡@
Fax No: ¡@
Contact Person: ¡@
Contact Person Title: ¡@
Support start date : ¡@


We agree with the terms and conditions of the hot line support service and enclose our cheque in payment thereof.







Date -



In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, we have enforced a code of practice to ascertain that your Personal Data are protected at all times. If required, please contact us for the details of the Policy.



Payment methods


  1. By cheque ¡V sign this agreement, send it back together with a cheque payable to Progressive Technology Limited.
  2. By fax ¡V sign this agreement, deposit the annual maintenance to the Hang Sang Bank

A/C 225-136019-001, fax the agreement and the deposit slip to 28710817.

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